In order to contribute to the problem of Young farmers and Food sovereignty, during the project Growing Growers two outputs will be developed.

Young farmers and food sovereignty research

The scope of this research is to do the mapping of young food producers, explore the scope of their work, satisfaction and challenges that they are facing in their everyday work. The special emphasis will be put on their idea on food sovereignty, and their position and situation within the global food market economy. The research will be conducted both in Serbia and Croatia, and it will be the first of the kind in this part of Europe.

More information available soon.

Young Farmers’ network

In order to promote existing young food producers in Serbia and Croatia, and the idea of involvement of youth in the food production as their possibility to overcome unemployment, project selected participants – young farmers will be supported to start “Young Farmers’ network” in a form of an online platform. Online platform will include: the stories of young food producers in order to promote their work and engagement in the contribution to economy; all the information on starting your own food production, with the idea of sustainable entrepreneurship; online platform for direct contact
and ordering of products from young farmers. The platform aims to contribute to the sustainability of young farmers, and make an impact on youth to engage into food production, especially in the area of sustainability and food production.

More information available soon.