Did you know that Young farmers constitute only 4,7% of all agricultural producers in Serbia in formal sector? On the EU level, including Croatia, young farmers take just 8% in agricultural production.

The two biggest issues for young people in agriculture, are lack of financial means and access to the market. Complicated state bureaucracy and often changes of law regulation of state land concessions do not contribute to the solution of the problem.  More and more young people move to cities, which causing the aging of rural population. Described trends are creating a serious risk in a loss of secure and sustainable local food production.

Project Growing Growers aims to tackle these problems through research on young farmers and food sovereignty issues in Serbia and Croatia, and through creating a platform for their mutual connection and cooperation, as well as promotion.

Project lasts for 13 months. It is coordinated by AMA – Center for Care of People and Nature and ZMAG – Green network of activist groups, and co-funded by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme – KA2 Strategic Partnerships for youth .